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jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

The New Cold War is here

MOSCOW, 4 March. /TASS/. Washington’s decision to prolong anti-Russian sanctions indicates the current policy against Russia is going to last, the director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of US and Canada Studies, Sergey Rogov, told a news conference on Wednesday.
"The United States had thought the end of the Cold War was its victory. Once there is a winner, then there should be losers. Hence the attitude to Russia as a loser," the analyst said. The Ukrainian events have heralded a slide into another Cold War and contacts have been minimized."
As he dwelt on the US sanctions and their likely duration, Rogov emphasized two aspects.
"The United States has adopted a new strategy of national security, where one comes across the doctrine of Russia’s deterrence once again. Firstly, the previous version of the strategy referred to Russia mostly as a partner. Now it is the other way round," Rogov said. "Secondly, after the November elections several laws were passed converting US Administration decisions from executive orders to laws."
"Another Cold War is being legalized. I believe that the Obama Administration’s decision (to prolong sanctions against Russia — TASS), indicates that this policy is bound to last,"

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