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sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013

Mujeres afganas

NationalGeographic125yrs: Afghanistan, 1967, by Thomas J Abercrombie
La espléndida foto es de Thomas J. Abercrobie (1976). Se publicó en National Geographic. Nos habla por una mujer oculta, refugiada en un chador de seda. Ella tal vez regresa de un mercado. Y al parecer su única compra han sido dos mirlos, tan prisioneros como su dueña. Las mujeres afganas no se benefician de las guerras de rapiña. Son rehenes permanentes. Y eso a nadie le importa.

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

¿Y quién mato a JFK?

The JFK Assassination. Disputing the Official Theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the “Lone Assassin”

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls

Si transcurridos 50 años todavía les interesa leer algo acerca del asesinato de JFK, aquí les dejo dos referencias. En 1990 Victor Ostrovsky publicó "By Way Of Deception", un libro autobiográfico sobre el Mossad israelí. En él se detalla que la inteligencia de Israel descreía que Oswald fue el asesino. Para corroborarlo, reconstruyeron la escena del atentado y pusieron a sus mejores francotiradores a la misma distancia y en las mismas circunstancias que Oswald frente a Kennedy: 88 yardas. Ninguno de ellos logró reproducir lo que supuestamente hizo Oswald. En el presente artículo Gary G. Kohls rebate la teoría del "asesino solitario".

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"Below is more documentation putting the lie to the media coverage (and the perpetual cover-up) of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The powers-that-be desperately want as many of us viewers as possible to believe the easily disprovable Big Lie Theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone crazed assassin of the president on November 22, 1963.

Last week I watched three of PBS’s JFK retrospectives, including Frontline’s  “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?” and the fraudulent pseudoscientific “ballistics special” on NOVA [proudly underwritten by David Koch!]. I also caught some specials on NBC, CBS and ABC, and I was uniformly frustrated (predictably) at the consistency of the propaganda that is being orchestrated to lead us comfortably numb sheeple to nod our heads and agree that the official theories about the assassination were correct. None of the compelling evidence that I list below was allowed to be shown.

During some of the retrospectives that I watched there usually was some denegration of the true patriots who have resisted the brain-washing and independently examined the evidence disproving the official story. These dissenters (who haven’t yet lost the ability to think critically) were just dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

The following are some of the important items that disprove the official story line and that were never mentioned on any of the JFK retrospectives that I watched.

1) JFK’s brain or parts of his skull were thrown backwards (out of a large exit wound in the back of the skull) onto the trunk of the limo – which is the reason why Jackie was famously seen on the film footage turning around and reaching backwards. The Secret Service guy testified frequently that Jackie was not reaching for him, but for fragments of JFK’s brain. Again this is more evidence that one of the two head shots that killed JFK came from the front.

Below is the link to the statement of secret service agent Clint Hill (from 1975) saying that Jackie wasn’t reaching out to him, but rather she was reaching to retrieve a chunk of JFK’s brain. (Apparently, according to other interviews that Hill has given, he has also been spouting the easily refutable official story about Oswald being the lone shooter and that there were only 3 audible shots – which contradicts many witnesses who heard up to 6 shots. Hill knows what happens to whistleblowers who tell unwelcome truths that expose government conspiracies.)

Watch this video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrHqqzC3Sw"

domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

USAID vs.Cuba

"The Agency for International Development (USAID) revealed the existence of a subversive program of six million dollars against Cuba. This information was known due to an error when using an unprotected line to send documents to U.S. diplomats in Havana. The plan was part of the semi-clandestine ploy to overthrow the communist government.

The material reveals that the entity launched last July the initiative SOL-OAA-13-00110 and at least 20 NGOs requested funding for the program which was to train dissidents in Cuba in the next three years, with a fund of $6 million. The goal was to provide opportunities for the opponents of the revolution traveling abroad , where they would acquire technical skills in a "number of areas considered important for the development of democracy and civil society" in Cuba,  in clear subversion of the political order.
In the leaked document, of over 200 pages, was the full story of the previous work done by the agency in pro-democracy programs in Cuba, and the names of some candidates to receive training, in addition to places where they could be trained.

Taking cognizance of the fact, USAID claimed that nothing bad happened, arguing that the U.S. government never even rated pro-democracy programs in Cuba as confidential and secret: "The USAID Cuba program has nothing classified, we simply execute a discreet way to help ensure the protection of all involved," said Karl Duckworth, a spokesperson for USAID" .