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sábado, 1 de junio de 2013

¿Quién mató a Kennedy?

Kennedy Assassination. 50th Anniversary Commemoration. No One Knows the Full Story of What Happened
By William Boardman

Cuando se cumplen 50 años del asesinato en Dallas, Texas, del presidente estadounidense John F. Kennedy no se sabe quién o quienes lo mataron. En el presente artículo no encontrarán la respuesta, pero sí algunas líneas de investigación. Existen miles de libros sobre el asunto. Faltan datos que no desvelarán hasta 2019. Entre los presuntos implicados se mencionan aquí y allá a la Cosa Nostra, Lyndon Johnson, la CIA, la KGB, y hasta Fidel Castro.  Es un caso no resuelto.
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Fifty Years Later, Kennedy Shooting Less Certain than Lincoln Conspiracy
50th anniversary commemorations of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will include a tickets-only memorial at the scene of the crime, Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. No doubt there will also be celebrations in some places, just as there were in the aftermath of the November 22, 1963, killing.
Whatever events are held, whether formal or impromptu, they will all have one thing in common: no one knows the full story of what happened. The official version put out by the Warren Commission, is long since discredited, but independent investigations have yet to present a coherent alternative narrative.
That there is such a narrative is certain, since that would be the event as it happened. One reason we don’t know what happened is that our government has kept assassination-related material secret – protecting national security secrets say secrecy defenders. Others say stonewalling.
Polling in April 2013 suggests a waning interest in the Kennedy assassination, since only 59% of Americans now believe the official version is false. That number is considerably lower than a 2003 Gallup poll in which 75% of Americans said the Kennedy killing was a conspiracy.
In 1978, the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations’ lengthy inquiry concluded that JFK “was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.” The official version holds that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and fired only three shots. The House Committee produced evidence that at least four shots were fired. While coming to the inevitable, evidence-based conclusion that a conspiracy killed Kennedy, the committee did not reach a conclusion as to who was part of the conspiracy.
We Know It Was a Conspiracy, But Not Who Were The Conspirators
Myriad books have been published arguing various versions of events, but for the most part the big money from publishers has gone to writers (Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi). But other, conspiracy-centered writers (Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Anthony Summers) have far out-sold the official version
That’s perhaps to be expected when the majority of Americans have believed for almost 50 years that their government is lying to them about the Kennedy assassination, just as the government has lied about so many other important things, such as the Viet-Nam war, and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and assassination by drone.
A couple of Hollywood movies are in the works, both based on books: “Legacy of Secrecy” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro (the Mafia did it) and “Parkland” with Colin Hanks and Paul Giamatti (Oswald did it alone). Academy Award winner Erroll Morris is working on a documentary of the assassination (he hasn’t said who did it).
From the start, other suspects have included the CIA (because Kennedy wanted to get out of Viet-Nam), Castro (because the CIA was trying to assassinate him), and the KGB (because they’re Russian or something).Another popular suspect has long been Lyndon Johnson, who was Kennedy’s Vice President at the time, when there were rumors that Kennedy was going to replace him on the 1964 presidential ticket. Johnson is the most obvious first choice, at least based on the traditional analysis of means, motive, and opportunity.Texas attorney Barr McClellan put the case against LBJ pretty strongly in his 2003 book, “Blood, Money & Power.” McClellan was one of LBJ’s personal lawyers, but his book did not get wide notice in the mainstream media at the time – when his son, Scott McClellan was serving as White House Press Secretary for President Bush.“Blood, Money & Power” Did Not Appear on 2003 Bestseller Lists
The New York Times referred to McClellan’s book dismissively in early 2004: “It is the most serious of public accusations, but it is so serious that serious people dismiss it as nuts. “
The only reason the Times brought it up then was that Barr McClellan had repeated his accusation on History Channel program about the Kennedy assassination, “The Guilty Men.” The Times was reporting on serious, and eventually effective pushback against the program by “Bill Moyers and other powerful men who worked for President Johnson,” as the Times put it.
Early in May 2013, the same charge against LBJ was lodged by Roger Stone, in early publicity for his book, “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ,” due out in the fall. The publisher, Skyhorse Publishing in Manhattan, begins its description of the book this way:
“Lyndon Baines Johnson was a man of great ambition and enormous greed, both of which, in 1963, would threaten to destroy him. In the end, President Johnson would use power from his personal connections in Texas and from the underworld and from the government to escape an untimely end in politics and to seize even greater power. President Johnson, the thirty-sixth president of the United States, was the driving force behind a conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.”
Skyhorse started publishing in 2006. In 2011, the company issued a paperback edition of Barr McClellan’s “Blood, Money & Power. Skyhorse has some 2,000 titles in print, including “Guns Across the Border” (about Operation Fast and Furious), “Hit List” by Richard Belzer (about mysterious deaths of JFK assassination witnesses), “Shooter’s Bible,” and “Big Breasts & Wide Hips” (a novel).
Roger Stone Hinted at Running for Governor of Florida as a Libertarian
As described on Huffington Post,“Roger Stone is a legendary American Republican political consultant who has played a key role in the election of Republican presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. Long a an outspoken libertarian Republican Stone stunned the political world when he announced he would leave the GOP over it’s lurch to the far-right on social issues and join the Libertarian Party. The Libertarians will be on the ballot in all 50 states.”
Roger Stone (along with Karl Rove) worked for the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), Richard Nixon’s 1972 campaign committee. Reportedly, Stone has a tattoo of Nixon on his back.
According to Stone, when Nixon was in the House, Johnson told him to hire Jack Ruby, which Nixon did. In 1963, Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald in the Dallas police department.
Richard Nixon was in Dallas on business for his client Pepsi Cola at the time of the assassination, leaving Dallas on the morning of November 22.
There was a fingerprint on the rifle found in the “sniper’s nest” in the Texas School Depository on November 22, 1963, that did not belong to Lee Harvey Oswald. That fingerprint belong to an associate of the vice president, a convicted murderer named Malcolm (Mac) Wallace, according to Barr McClellan and others.
According to LBJ biographer Robert Caro:“In attaining this influence, [LBJ] displayed a genius for discerning a path to power, an utter ruthlessness in destroying obstacles in that path, and a seemingly bottomless capacity for deceit, deception and betrayal in moving along it.”
“JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary” is the name of a facebook page dedicated to encouraging a grassroots letter writing campaign to get the U.S. to release all its information relating to the 1963 assassination. Started in August 2012, this page had 286 “likes” as of late May 2013.

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Free Pussy Riot

Maria Alyokhina
La muchacha que aparece en la foto se llama Maria Alyokina (24). Es miembro del grupo feminista punk ruso "Pussy Riot". ¿Se acuerdan de ellas?. Las chicas que le cantaron sus protestas a Putin en la bellísima catedral de El Salvador en Moscú. Pues bien, Alyokina lleva 8 días en huelga de hambre en la enfermería de una prisión de Berzniki (no aparece ni en Wikipedia), un pueblo de montaña de los Urales. El motivo es que le han negado el permiso para comparecer a juicio.
Las "Pussy" les tocaron las narices tanto a Putin como a los barbudos popes ortodoxos. Y no es que una esté por la labor de interrumpir ceremonias religiosas.  Pero meterlas en la trena por cantar me parece demasiado. Es hacerle intensamente la pelota, bailarle demasiado el agua, a la casposa jerarquía ortodoxa. Flaco favor a la marca Putin, vamos.

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Medea Benjamin da guerra

Bueno, doy por sentado que en Estados Unidos, todo el mundo y su hermano, conoce a Medea Benjamin, la mujer que interrumpió a Obama. Es una pacifista de pro. Pertenece a la organización Codepink. Benjamin, le comentó a un periódico cubano que "no se había podido aguantar callada". Naturalmente, tras su emotiva y airada intervención, fue "acompañada" y se le hizo abandonar la sala. Pero lo que me gustó fue la reacción de Obama: "la voz de ésta mujer merece ser escuchada", dijo el presidente en un alarde de elegancia que no se lleva mucho en España, donde la protesta ciudadana molesta  y cualquiera corre el riesgo que le asesten un guantazo. O que lo acusen  de apología de la violencia. Opino que Obama hizo el único discurso posible para un jefe de estado que tiene varios frentes bélicos abiertos. Y la guerra se hace con drones. Con muertos, mutilados y violaciones. ¿Las mayores bajas?. Ya se sabe, entre los/as civiles indefensos. Obama tiene que aguantarse con esa ciénaga que llaman GTMO, otro fracaso.

 Aquí les dejo un extracto de lo que Benjamin dijo a Obama:
"Can you tell the Muslim people that their lives are as precious as our lives?Can you take the drones out of the hands of the CIA? Can you stop the signature strikes that are killing people on the basis of suspicious activities? Will you apologize to the thousands of Muslims that you have killed? Will you compensate the innocent family victims? That will make us safer."
Y aquí lo que Obama respondió:
After Benjamin was removed from the room, Obama said that he would go "off script," and address Benjamin, saying,  "I'm willing to cut that young lady interrupting me some slack, because it's worth being passionate about ... The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to."

Andar es tan sano como correr

Lo que les dejo aquí es un trabajo que compara los efectos de correr y caminar respecto a la hipertensión, el colesterol y la diabetes mellitus. Se los resumo: andar es tan efectivo como correr. Así que no tienen excusas. No hace falta machacarse. Basta con ser persistente. Y andar todos los días.

Walking versus running for hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus risk reduction.


Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Donner 464, 1 Cycloton Rd, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA. ptwilliams@lbl.gov



To test whether equivalent energy expenditure by moderate-intensity (eg, walking) and vigorous-intensity exercise (eg, running) provides equivalent health benefits. APPROACH AND RESULTS: We used the National Runners' (n=33 060) and Walkers' (n=15 945) Health Study cohorts to examine the effect of differences in exercise mode and thereby exercise intensity on coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors. Baseline expenditure (metabolic equivant hours per day [METh/d]) was compared with self-reported, physician-diagnosed incident hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, and CHD during 6.2 years follow-up. Running significantly decreased the risks for incident hypertension by 4.2% . The risk reductions were not significantly different for running than walking for diabetes mellitus (P=0.94), hypertension (P=0.06), or CHD (P=0.26), and only marginally greater for walking than running for hypercholesterolemia (P=0.04).


Equivalent energy expenditures by moderate (walking) and vigorous (running) exercise produced similar risk reductions for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, and possibly CHD.

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Sexo oral

Colegas, aquí les dejo una perla pirateada  limpiamente a "The Guardian". Resulta que una chica consulta a una experta del periódico su caso: su novio, (pareja, maromo o machacante de turno), no para de hablar sobre bandas musicales cuando tienen sexo.

El problema: "My boyfriend talks too much during sex. We've been together for a year and recently he's started talking to me while we're intimate. At first it was everyday stuff like what he wants for dinner but then essentially he began ranting. Do you know how hard it is to climax while listening to someone talk about how many bands have produced "disappointing second albums"? I don't know if I can go on like this".

El consejo serio de la experta: "While you probably believe you've been patient and understanding, you really should have complained the very first time he made an in-bed dinner request. That's unacceptable, and I'm wondering what else you're struggling with, since most sexual problems are metaphors for the overall relationship. I can see you use humour as a defence mechanism, so in return I could just tell you that if he's massively rich or famous and you've decided you'll put up with it to please him, you'll eventually discover it's not worth it. But everyone gets worse if you fail to set boundaries. Your boyfriend may be suffering from a psychological or anxiety disorder, so the chat may act as a calming mechanism. Or he may need to arouse himself with an anger response in order to summon sexual energy (the best eroticism is accompanied by a little aggression). I have known such behaviour to occur in people with other, more serious, conditions so consider seeking a professional evaluation".

Consejos peregrinos que no aparecerán en "The Guardian":

- Que lo amordace en plan sadomaso.

- Que lo bese hasta que lo deje medio ahogado.

- Que le propine dos buenas hostias, a lo mejor hasta le gusta.

- Que le chille en la mismísima oreja, en castellano castizo: folla y calla, imbécil.

¿Alguna sugerencia?

La (incierta) enzima prodigiosa

A ver, vaya por delante que adoro la cultura japonesa, que estoy convencida de que las artes marciales, practicadas con rigor y asiduidad y a cualquier edad, son sanísimas, que el budismo zen contiene mucha sabiduría. Los japoneses, su forma de ver la vida, su valor para arrostrar las desgracias deberían inspirarnos. Su gastronomía es suntuosa y tentadora. Entre mis cineastas favoritos se encuentra Akira Kurosawa (Trono de Sangre, Los siete samurais). Murakami, delicado, felino, mágico, es uno de mis novelistas de cabecera. Y que me dicen del manga. Y de esa criatura televisiva llamada Sinchan. Por eso, que quieren que les diga, me sabe muy mal comentarles que "La enzima prodigiosa", del gastroenterólogo japonés Hiromi Shinya contiene unos cuanto buenos consejos y absolutamente nada de ciencia. Ni una sola publicación científica. Ni una investigación de ninguna naturaleza. Claro que no se trata de un texto basura. Hay algunas ideas buenas. Cada uno sabrá si le compensa comprarlo. Yo lo he leído y les dejo mis anotaciones.

Los buenos consejos alimentarios los resumiría así:

Hay que comer a diario: cereales integrales, verduras, legumbres, algo de pescado, algas, alimentos con enzimas vivas; como la sopa de miso, el shoyu o los pickles, pequeña cantidad de frutas fuera de las comidas, además de masticar bien cada bocado, ejercicio diario moderado y cultivar una actitud tranquila y positiva en la vida.

Las afirmaciones del doctor Shinya que me parecen casi delirantes:

"Mi investigación me indica que una fuente de energía emocional positiva, como la aparición del amor, la risa y la alegría, puede estimular a nuestro ADN para generar una cascada de nuestra enzima madre, la enzima prodigiosa, que actúa como biocatalizador que repara nuestras células."

"Pienso que hay una enzima madre, una enzima prototipo, sin especialización. Hasta que esta enzima madre se convierte en una enzima específica como respuesta a una necesidad particular, tiene el potencial de convertirse en cualquier enzima." (Comentario: No se sustenta. Porfa, demuéstrelo)
"El cáncer de colon me dice que el abastecimiento de las enzimas madre ha sido reducido y no puede reparar las células de forma adecuada. Al estar convencido de que nacimos con una cantidad limitada de esta enzima madre y que no deberíamos extinguirla con la comida mala, las toxinas, la eliminación deficiente y el estrés, he llegado a entender otra cosa".

"Hay cinco «flujos» en el cuerpo humano: el sanguíneo y linfático, el gastrointestinal, el urinario, el del aire y el de la energía interna («chi»)." (Ni flujos ni cuentos chinos)

"No es buena idea comer animales con alta temperatura corporal, como el buey y el pollo, porque la grasa animal se solidificará en el torrente sanguíneo. Es mucho mejor comer animales con una temperatura corporal baja, como el pescado, porque el aceite de pescado se licúa en el cuerpo y llega a lavar las arterias en lugar de depositarse en ellas. "  (Total, que comamos menos carnes grasas y rojas).

"Si la medicina ha progresado de verdad, ¿por qué no hay menos enfermos? ¿Será porque la medicina moderna está equivocada en su premisa básica? Creo que la respuesta es sí. (Ah querido doctor, su pregunta da para una tésis de grado. ¿Y la influencia de la industria farmacéutica?, ¿Y los mecanismos del mercado de alimentos?. Y por cierto, claro que hay menos enfermos, si lo ponemos en contexto de la evolución epidemiológica.

Cuba se conecta a Internet

A partir del próximo 4 de junio de 2013 se ampliará en Cuba el servicio público de acceso a Internet a través de 118 salas de navegación en todo el país, de acuerdo con la Resolución No. 197/2013 del Ministerio de Comunicaciones, publicada el lunes 27 de mayo de 2013 en la Gaceta Oficial de la República de Cuba.

El Ministerio de Comunicaciones y la Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. informó al periódico cubano "Juventud Rebelde" que este servicio, que actualmente se comercializa con la marca "Nauta", podrá solicitarse ahora en cualquier unidad comercial de Etecsa que tenga asociada una sala de acceso a Internet.
Para ello se han habilitado 118 salas de acceso en todo el país, especialmente en las cabeceras provinciales, si bien se irán paulatinamente incorporando nuevas áreas de navegación en diferentes instalaciones.
Las modalidades de servicios que se ofertarán son la navegación en Internet y todos sus servicios, que incluirá también la opción de solicitar un correo electrónico internacional bajo el xxx@nauta.cu, en correspondencia con los precios establecidos en la Resolución No. 182/2013 del Ministerio de Finanzas y Precios, publicada en la Gaceta Oficial Extraordinaria del lunes 27 de mayo de 2013.
En el caso de solo acceder a la navegación nacional, el servicio tendrá un costo de 0.60 CUC la hora.Si solo desea solicitar un correo electrónico internacional y acceder a la navegación nacional, la tarifa será de 1.50 CUC la hora.
La navegación por Internet y todos sus servicios tendrá una tarifa de 4.50 CUC la hora. (Con información de Granma Internacional)