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sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

Very cool CAT

"Sunday could be a momentous day for Catalonia – and for once it will have nothing to do with the left foot of Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. The ever-restless Catalans are going to the polls in regional elections that pro-secessionists have billed as a vote on independence from Spain.

Its 7½ million people are famously proud – arrogant is how people from elsewhere in Spain often describe them – but they have much to be proud of. Barcelona hogs the limelight, of course, but outside the capital the sheer variety of alluring places to visit – from mountains to coast, lively cities to dozing villages, is staggering".

Hoy el periódico británico "The Guardian", ofrece un magnífico artículo sobre Cataluña. Para aquellos/as que quiera contar con una guía a su alcance.

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