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sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

United States ¿on the wrong side?

Why the United States Always Loses Its Wars

Global Research, February 13, 2015
America loses all its wars because it seems weve always been on the wrong side of history. Morally nor legally should any nation have the right to invade and occupy another sovereign nation, much less believe it can achieve victory in long, protracted wars. Yet in violation of all ethical precepts and all international laws, the sole global superpower citing its impunity through exceptionalism hypocritically insists it can maintain its moral high ground in its relentless pursuit of regime changes anywhere it so chooses on earth. We are the global village bully thats hated by much of the world. And its pure self-aggrandizing bullshit to perpetrate the myth that America is hated because of our freedom, another rhetorical brainwashing lie. We now live in a fascist totalitarian police state run by a globalized crime syndicate of the central banking cabal. As of last April per a Princeton-Northwestern study the US has officially been designated an oligarchy.
Last year after a group of ethnic Russians living in Crimea voted to become part of Russia, the Russian military claimed control over its own naval base there that the US-NATO had been lusting to steal after the unlawful overthrow of Ukraines democratically elected sovereign government. Ever since its been nonstop lies and propaganda propagated to demonize Putin as the aggressor when in fact all along its the American Empire thats been recklessly pushing what could end up World War III against nuclear powered Russia. With US-NATO missiles installed on Russias doorstep in virtually every former Soviet eastern bloc nation, hemming Russia in, whos really the aggressor here?

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