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lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

¿For ever young?

Foto:codondesastre tomada en Ochagavía.
"In what could be the start of a new era of do-it-yourself gene therapy, the CEO of a biotech startup last month skipped town to undergo a very public round of anti-aging therapy in Latin America, reports MIT Technology Review. Forty-four-year-old Elizabeth Parrish claims to have received several unproven treatments, including muscle mass enhancement and therapy to lengthen protective DNA caps known as telomeres, a process associated with longer life spans in mice. Neither treatment is FDA approved, but Parrish—whose company is developing and promoting these treatments—says they are based on research done in mainstream U.S. labs. Although many details are unconfirmed, researchers who advised the company say Parrish’s claims are plausible. They are divided, however, on what this means".

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