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lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Abortar por falta de recursos

Para muchas mujeres en Reino Unido, el aborto es la única solución ante la imposibilidad de financiar la crianza de un nuevo hijo. No se trata de adolescentes desprevenidas que quedan preñadas en sus primeras lides sexuales. Son mujeres que ya han experimentado la maternidad. En sus treinta cumplidos. Aptas y conscientes de sus responsabilidades. Son nuevas víctimas de la crisis global. 
"La  ley de Protección al no nacido" que se contempla en España sería directamente perjudicial a aquellas madres potenciales de la depauperada clase media que ya no pueden costear aumentar la familia.

"New Department of Health statistics have found that mothers are more likely to have abortions than teenagers pregnant for the first time, with 53% of the women who had abortions last year already having a child.
The figures show that 185,331 abortions were carried out last year in England and Wales, a rise in line with population increase. But overall, the rate has dropped since 2003 to 15.9 abortions in 1,000.
The biggest drop in abortion rates (a third) was among under-18s, while in my own age group (25-29) so-called career-girl abortions – not a phrase I'll be using until "career man" becomes common parlance – have risen 20% in the past 10 years.
Considering the recession, the rise in abortions among my generation makes sense. I barely know anyone who is in a financial position to support a baby, what with rent increases and pay freezes and widespread unemployment. In a climate where so many are scared for their jobs, I'd imagine young women are unsure as to what taking maternity leave might mean for their careers in the long run. That's if they get maternity leave, of course – we freelancers are in an even more precarious position.
Financial constraints are affecting older women, too. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and may be unable to afford another child. We also know that the number of over-40s having unprotected sex is rising – partly because of divorce and new relationships (evenGuardian Soulmates may play a part) but also because, in terms of contraception, they are a much neglected group. Women will assume they are no longer fertile, or baby boomers may not have used contraception the first time round ("It was pre-Aids, darling," my mother once said to me). Hence the Family Planning Association campaign of a few years back showcasing ugly 1970s outfits with the tagline:"Remember wearing this? Then remember to wear this," with a picture of a condom".

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